Thursday, May 20, 2010

.my smile is yours.

everything seems quiet,
you've got your own way,
so am i,
but don't you know that
you're everything i have in this world?
its all about to get you.
fortunately things come to quiet.
THEY all asked.
THEY all talked.
i'm just pause for a moment as a season wet the sky.
neither you or i know what's the reason.
that I assume friends,
no longer stick together like we used to be.
something arise,
but i don't know what it is.
big question mark surrounding
i know YOU as readers really not understand what
i'm writing right now.
but YOU should know is
going wrong somewhere.
whether YOU is the problem
THEM might be or
ME as myself.
but it doesn't make my life to stop smiling.
cause YOU, THEM
is my smile.

p.s / my English maybe not good as you.but try to understand.i want to match with this song in this entry. i think it suits with me right now.:)